Sports and School Games

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We are proud to take part in tournaments and festivals along with other local Primary schools, giving the pupils opportunities to compete in a range of sporting events. There is a calendar of fixtures across the year including those for football, benchball, hockey, mini tennis, athletics, tag rugby, cricket and rounders.

We are pleased to announce that we were awarded the School Games Gold Award in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. We would like to introduce our School Sports Organising Crew who assist us in planning activities and events, undertaking various roles and responsibilities.            

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Year 3 & 4 Level 2 Mini Tennis- June 2017

Two tennis teams headed off, full of excitement to take part in the Level2 competition at Wrenn Academy and came out with first and second place! Next stop, County Level 3 School Games!

Year 3 & 4 Mini Tennis- April 2017

Following great success in the fixtures last year, we were delighted to send two teams along to the Cluster Festival at Wollaston School. The children played excellently and won both of their pools comfortably! We hope to continue our success at the District Competition in June.

School Games Celebration Assembly- March 2017

We were very pleased to take three of our most enthusiastic team members to the School Games Celebration Assembly to celebrate achieving the Gold Mark for the second year in a row. The Celebration was a very inspiring occasion and the children were proud to represent Denton School.

Year 5 & 6 Netball Festival- March 2017

The Year 5 and 6 group took on their second festival of the year with much excitement and played teams from two other local schools.

Year 3 & 4 Hockey Festival- March 2017

We were delighted to take two teams along to the Cluster Hockey Festival at Wollaston School. The standard of hockey was very high and  there were seven teams in attendance. One of our teams won all of their games and took first place!

Year 3 & 4 Dodgeball Festival- February 2017

It was the first festival of 2017 and our keen team of Dodgeball players visited Cogenhoe for the Cluster Festival. Here is the report from Mr Roberts:

"Thank you to everybody for the fantastic evening last night at Cogenhoe village hall. We had a great turn out with all schools attending. Grendon supplied two teams which made for lots of games and some great competition.

The small space was framed by enthusiastic parents. Thank you to all the teachers that attended and made sure that all the pupils were able to play as much Dodgeball as possible. The leaders from Wollaston were brilliant and made running the tournament so easy. They organised all the games and encouraged the pupils all the time. Points were awarded for each game that was won, each team played 10 games. A special mention to Cogenhoe who only had year 3 pupils so they will be well practiced for next years tournament.

Grendon A                          10

Denton                                 7

Grendon  B                         5

Little Houghton                 4

Yardley Hastings               4

Cogenhoe                           0"

 Year 5 & 6 Football- October 2016

"Congratulations to Bozeat and Denton for bringing team to the Year 5/6 football festival. The two teams played 4 games with Bozeat winning 2 and Denton winning 1 and one game was drawn.

The quality of football was very good amongst both boys and girls. There were  some great goals scored and also some very good goalkeeping performances from all the five keepers that took part in the tournament.

Well done to Mr Garlick of Denton and Mr Cox of Bozeat for organising such good teams."

Mr Roberts- Wollaston School

 Year 3 & 4 Football- October 2016

We were very pleased to send two teams to the Year 3 and 4 Football Festival at Wollaston School. The teams were a mix of experienced and not so experienced players and they all were very excited to participate. We were very proud to have one of our teams finish in second place!

A member of our Sports Crew, Ryan, wrote this report:

The teams played very well and managed to finish 2nd out of 6 teams. They did have 2 teams. The 2nd Denton team had sadly finished last. They showed great team spirit and sportsmanship. Even when they did win they shook hands with the other team. Altogether it was a good and fun to watch football tournament.

Denton achieves School Games Gold again!:

We are very proud to have achieved School Games Gold for another year, thanks to the support of parents and pupils and their enthusiasm for competition and sporting activities. We've got lots of events, festivals and taster sessions planned for this year. Here's to another fantastic year of sport!

Our Sainsbury School Games Day:

Following our School Sports morning earlier in the month, we were really looking forward to our Sainsbury School Games Day. Due to the very hot weather, we elected to span our activities over two sessions; Key Stage 2 on the afternoon of 18th July and EYFS and Key Stage 1 in the morning of 19th July. The children and staff all worked really hard and both sessions were a great success. Here's to 2017-2018 being another great year of sport for us here at Denton Primary.

L3 Northampton School Games:

Followin their earlier success, we were proud to send our Year 3 and 4 Tennis Team to the L3 Northampton School Games on 7th July. They had a fantastic day and we are so pleased that they were given this opportunity,

Spring 2016: Cluster & District Mini Tennis for LKS2

We were pleased to send two teams to the Cluster Mini Tennis and the children played really well. Following their experience in the Cluster event, one team went on to play at the District Mini Tennis on 12th May. We are very proud to announce that they came second and will now take part in the County finals later this term!


6th May 2016: County Grand Championship- Hotshots Basketball

We were very proud to have our Hotshots team take part in the county championship this year. The children have played really well this year and placed joint 6 in the event. Congratulations!


17th March 2016: District Cross Country

Following successes and enjoyment at the event last year, seventeen very keen KS2 pupils visited Croyland Park to take part in the District Cross Country event. The children really enjoyed taking part and would like to thank parents for transporting and cheering them on.


16th March 2016: Cluster High 5 Netball for UKS2

Despite a number of our Year 6 children being unavailable on the day, we sent a team of Year 4 and 5 children to take part in the Cluster Netball Festival at Wollaston School. We are very proud of the team who were a little younger and smaller than their rivals and hope they will continue to play ready for next year's festival!


3rd December 2015: Denton Primary v Yardley Hastings School Primary Benchball

To round off our term of Benchball Club, we invited children from Yardley Hastings Primary School to join us for a friendly session of benchball games. This was a great way for the children to show their skills and all of the pupils played very well. We hope to continue to hold fixtures of this type as the year goes on.


29th November 2015: Hotshots Basketball Tournament


A group of children from  our Hotshots lunchtime club attended a tournament at Danes Camp to pit their skills against other local schools. We are very proud to say that they won the tournament. Congratulations to all our players!


10th November 2015: Year 5 and 6 Football Festival

Our Year 5 and 6 children were very excited to be given the opportunity to take part in the Cluster Festival and went off to Wollaston School feeling very determined. We are so pleased that their determination paid off and they finished the festival in first place! Congratulations!


14th October 2015: Year 3 and 4 Football Festival

We were very pleased to have eleven boys and girls sign up to take part in the first Cluster Festival of the academic year. For many of these children, it was their first opportunity to take part and we were very proud of the team.


1st October 2014: Year 5 and 6 Football Festival

A team of 10 boys and girls from Class 5 went shin pads in hand to Wollaston School to compete against 6 other teams.

Owen Roberts of Wollaston School said "There was a very good standard of football from all the players. We had some very competitive games all evening with games being won or lost on a single goal at times."

We were really proud of our team who, at the end of the tournament, finished in 3rd place. Well done!


15th October 2014: Year 3 and 4 Bench Ball Festival


The Year 3 & 4 Bench Ball tournament was held at for the Ashby Cluster Schools on Wed 15th Oct at the Wollaston School sport hall. There were 4 team that included pupils from Cogenhoe, Yardley Hasting, Little Houghton and Denton.  Leaders from Wollaston Sixth Form helped warm up the teams before the matches and refereed the games. Each team played each other twice in bench ball matches that lasted 5 min each. The winning team was the first one to get 7 players stood on the bench. If the whistle went for the end of the match then the team with the most number of players on the bench was the winner. Parents and teachers watched the matches from the benches in the middle of the Sports Hall and cheered the teams on. It was a very closely fought competition with all teams finishing on 12 points.  With no all teams drawing for first play it was decided that it should be declare a draw amongst all the schools.











Little Houghton



Yardley Hastings




Our roving sports reporter, Libby, wrote the following article:

On Wednesday 15th October 2014, both, years 3 and 4 participated in a cluster bench ball tournament at Wollaston School. The schools included in the tournament were: Yardley Hastings, Cogenhoe, Little Houghton and of course Denton.

Each team played each other twice, that’s 4 games in total. In the first match against Yardley they lost 3-1, but played so well as a team, despite their loss; in the next match, that was played against Cogenhoe, they drew 5-5. In the end everyone won since we all got 12 points overall.

The children played so well as a team, and showed great sportsmanship, excellent team work and brilliant team spirit. Overall I think it was a very successful tournament and the children should definitely take part in future tournaments. A big thank you to Mr Roberts and his sixth form students for organising this tournament.      



13th November 2014: Year 3 and 4 Football Festival

Reporter Libby wrote:

                 On Thursday 13th November, both  years 3 and 4  participated in a cluster football tournament at Wollaston School.

                        The other schools included in this event were: Yardley Hastings; Little Houghton and Grendon.

          Each team played each other twice; so that’s 6 games in total! Denton made a great opening with a win and a draw against Yardley and  Little Houghton respectively. They then played                 fantastically well against a really strong Grendon team and but eventually lost the match. They then played each team again and, as usual, played with good team spirit and  sportsmanship. This was also shown buy all the children that took part.  There was also some great football played by all teams involved.





Little Houghton




Yardley Hastings


   In conclusion, the children played so well as a team, and even when loosing showed great team spirit, and most of all great sportsmanship; overall it was a great festival.

  I would also just like to say a great big thank you to Mr Roberts of Wollaston School and his amazing sixth form students for hosting and refereeing the festival.


10th February 2015: Years 3 and 4 Cluster Dodgeball

Mr Roberts reports:

We had 6 teams from 5 primary schools competing at the second Ashby Cluster dodge ball tournament.  There were 3 sixth form leaders from Wollaston school who ran the tournament with Mr Roberts collecting scores and announcing fixtures.

The games were played on two courts with parents sat on the side of the courts watching the games and avoiding any stray balls. In the middle was the seating for the two teams resting.

The games were played with soft dodge balls to prevent any injuries to the yr 3 and 4 pupils.  Mr Roberts explained the rules and the sixth form referees help pupils understand the rules by being more understanding in the first few games. The competition was well contested with all schools having some very competitive matches. 

The pupils from Grendon and Little Houghton ‘s two Teams were very competitive and the games between them were very close. This was closely followed by Cogenhoe. Denton, and Yardley Hastings, who also had some closely fought games. Grendon finally retained their title with a narrow half point victory.


Games Won





Little Houghton A

7 ½ 


Little Houghton B







3 ½


Yardley Hastings




17th March 2015:  Years 5 & 6 Cluster Netball Festival

Little Houghton, Irchester Yardley Hastings and Denton took part in a netball tournament run by Wollaston School.  

All seven players played so well, as did all five teams in the tournament.  Denton played Yardley in their opening game.  It was a fast pace game with end to end play, ultimalty resulting in a 1-1 draw.  We then played Irchester A.  Denton dominated this game winning 4-0.  Little Houghton was the third match for Denton.  All players played brilliantly, with both goal defenders and goal attackers working their socks off.  Denton won this game 2-0.  Our last game was against Irchester B, however, Denton knew they had to score as many goals as possible as we were level pegging with Yardley on points. Denton didn't dissapoint winning this battle 8-0.  This was Denton's best game by far, with every one playing their part and trying so hard.  Unfortunately though, it wasn't to be.  8 goals were not enough and Yardley took the trophy beating Denton on goals scored.  Well done Denton, you should be very proud!


19th March 2015: District Cross Country

We were very pleased to have 18 KS2 children taking part in the event at Croyland Park. The children ran fantastically and came home with three medals! We are very proud of all of our runners.


June 2015: Cluster Mini Tennis and Primary Mini Tennis

On 16th June, children from Year 3 and 4 played in the Cluster Mini Tennis Festival at Wollaston School. Two full teams and two reserves took part and Team A finished in second place. We were very excited to then be invited to take part in the School Games Primary Mini Tennis Festival the following week which was held at Kings Park Tennis Centre. Our teams had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the experience. 



1st July 2015: Cluster Cricket (report by Mr Roberts)

There were 19 teams from 7 schools, which meant that over 180 pupils were playing cricket all day. The teams were made up of boy and girls from years 5 & 6. Players rotated after each over in the field so that every pupil got bowl, field, wicket keep and bat. The games were 8 overs long and each pair of batters faced two overs. The teams played in four Pools, playing each other in a round robin tournament. The games were umpired by the year 7, 8 and 9 leaders from Wollaston Secondary School. All the leaders were students from the Wollaston school cricket teams and had previously helped run the district cricket finals at Wollaston Cricket Club.

This was the hottest day of the year and there were concerns that we have to cancel due to the forecasted 34 degree temperatures. With primary schools bringing gazebos and the kwick cricket pitches being set up around the sides of the cricket strip to allow shade to pupils from the trees.

The winner of Group 1 were Irchester 1

The winners of Group 2 were Irchester 2

The winners of group 3 were Wollaston Primary

The winners of group 4 were Bozeat 1

Overall winners were Wollaston Primary