School Council

We are very pleased to have an active School Council consisting of representatives from each class across Key Stages 1 and 2. The School Council meet regularly following their Class Council meetings to bring ideas and concerns from the pupils for discussion.

Anti-Bullying Rep badgesThe School Council recently suggested that Anti-Bullying Representatives were recruited from each class. The children designed badges and two were chosen for our new Anti-Bullying Reps to wear. This has been a big success. 


Lego Passes

 Another idea which came from the School Council was to introduce Lego Passes during lunchtimes to allow children to build wonderful Lego models for a portion of our lunch break. The children are very proud of their creations and love to have pictures taken before the Lego is dismantled for the next group.


The School Council are also involved in some fundraising and charity events and recently chose to support The British Heart Foundation on their Wear It, Beat It day. We were very pleased to raise £219.00 for this wonderful charity. The School Council also assist with our cake sales to raise money for Action Aid to support a child in The Gambia.