School Governors

The Chair of Governors is:

Mr Arthur Brenton
c/o Denton Primary School
Vicarage Lane

A complete list of governors can be found below.

The Governors meet at least twice a term as a full body and there are Lead Governors for Premises and Safeguarding areas as well as Finance and  Pay, Performance and Personnel committees. . Working groups are established to address specific issues. Our Staff Governors are also Governors at another school which they lead in Executive Head and Deputy roles.

The Governors' Annual Report to Parents for 2017 can be downloaded below:


 Role & Appointment Name Dates of Term Register of Interest Attendance 16-17
Executive Headteacher Louise Brown 1/9/16 onwards None

FGB- 4/4


Chair (LA Governor) Arthur Brenton 21/11/16-20/11/20  Parent of Pupil/s

FGB- 5/5


Vice Chair (Parent Governor-elected) Sarah Pollard 21/3/14-20/3/18 Parent of pupil/s

FGB- 5/5


Co-Opted Governor Lisa Gleave 2/12/13-1/12/17 Sound Designs Ltd.

FGB- 4/5


Parent Governor (elected) Michelle Bourne 13/11/17-12/11/21 None



Co-Opted Governor Jackie Burney-Childs 31/10/17-30/10/21 None



Staff Governor (elected) Rosie Gibson 12/9/17-11/9/21  None