Beech Class

Welcome to our Beech Class page. This is where we will be sharing our news and topics for this year .

Summer 2021:


Our reading lessons this term will be based on stories and poems related to different types of food and other cultures from around the world. We will be using our retrieval skills to find and record key information, whilst also gaining an understanding of key themes within a given text. 


Our writing this term will be based on the short film called "The Catch" and we will be focusing on writing stories with clear and detailed settings throughout. We will focus on making sure our settings include adjectives, adverbs and fronted adverbials as well as using a wider range of conjunctions to connect our sentences together. 


In maths we are going to be focusing on fractions this term. We will be understanding what unit and non-unit fractions are, identifying equivalent fractions, finding fractions greater than 1 as well as being able to order fractions. Later on, in the term we shall look into adding and subtracting fractions and being able to subtract fractions from a whole number.