Beech Class

Welcome to our Beech Class page. This is where we will be sharing our news and topics for this year .

Autumn term:


In reading we will be exploring new vocabulary in a variety of texts including non-fiction, narrative and poetry.

In our topic lesssons we will be reading Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit and Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong.


In our English lessons this term we will be focusing on writing stories and working on developing an exciting plot. We will be developing our sentences to make them more interesting.

In our topic lessons we will be writing a diary entry based on Escape from Pompeii and imagining that we are journalists and writing a newspaper report about the Roman invasion of Britain.


In maths we will be focusing on place value. We will be learning to partition numbers in different ways, compare and order numbers up to and beyond 1,000 and round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

In our topic lessons we will be learning about Roman numerals, money and calendars.


Information regarding our Roaming Romans topic can be downloaded from our Letters Home section to the right of the page.