Maple Class

Welcome to our Maple Class page! Here we will share the adventures of our Nursery and Reception children.


Maple faces

As a school, our focus will continue to be on ‘Art’. We are still going to be creating artwork in the style of Andy Warhol before moving on to David Shepherd. David Shepherd is an artist and conservationist, so the children will be learning about different animals. Linking to this, we will have a pet shop in the classroom for the first few weeks, before changing the role play into a veterinary surgery. We hope you will be able to attend the school Art Exhibition, so you can see the wonderful artwork that the children have created. More details about this will be sent soon.

Reception children will continue to have daily phonics and maths lessons. In November, we will hold an open phonics lesson. You will be able to come in and take part in a phonics lesson with your child, more details to follow! Nursery children also have a phonics session every day and nursery parents are also invited to the open phonics morning. In maths, the focus will be on numbers to 10. The children will learn to write and recognise the numerals, count accurately to 10 and know 1 more and 1 less. There will also be a focus on length, capacity and weight. The whole school are planning their literacy lessons around the picture book, ‘Tuesday’. We will be learning a story off by heart using actions and pictures, before creating our own sentences using adjectives. 

P.E. will take place on a Wednesday morning for Reception children with Year 1, although there will be other opportunities for the children to be active during the week. Nursery children are welcome to bring in a PE kit but will still be able to participate without one. Music lessons will take place on a Thursday morning with Mrs Dyson, which the children are very excited about!

Children are still welcome to bring in objects for The Bursting Table as this encourages them to learn about each other’s interests and develop their speaking and listening skills.  Please continue to help yourself to a Proud Cloud. The children are always thrilled if you send one in for us to show the class. We have been so impressed with how well Muddles has been looked after and the exciting adventures he has had. He will continue to go home with a different child every Friday.

Now that the children are settled, there will be more opportunities to come in to school.  As well as the open phonics lesson, we will be holding ‘Book and Biscuit’ every week on different days so hopefully you will all be able to come at least once! Towards the end of term, the children will be learning songs, ready to perform in the Nativity.