Maple Class

Welcome to our Maple Class page! Here we will share the adventures of our Nursery and Reception children.

 Autumn term 1:


All the children will start the term by exploring patterns. Nursery children will work on recognising patterns and arranging objects in patterns. Reception will be noticing, describing and continuing patterns, spotting mistakes and creating their own ABAB, ABBABB and ABBCABBC patterns. The children will then start learning about numbers to 5. Nursery will be practicing 1:1 correspondence when counting, reciting numbers in order and showing finger numbers. Reception will be consolidating the same skills but will also learn to subitise to 5, recall one more and one less and create numbers in different ways. Linked to our topic work, the children will use and names shapes to build houses and will describe their route to school. Reception will complete a daily independent maths challenge.


All children will learn to retell the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by reading the story map and using actions. Reception and Nursery children where appropriate will complete literacy based activities linked to this story such as performing the story, recognising the beginning, middle and end and talking about how the characters are feeling. In their phonics sessions, Nursery will learn to recognise their name, listen to and talk about stories and learn about the 5 principles of reading. Reception will start phase 2 phonics and will use the sounds they learn to read words and captions.


Reception will learn to write the sounds they learn in phonics and they will also learn to write words and captions. They will complete an independent daily writing challenge and will use the tricky table daily to build up their muscles. When appropriate, they will complete literacy writing activities.

Nursery will take part in daily gross motor and fine motor skills. They will be provided with many opportunities to mark make and will be encouraged to give meaning to their marks. They will also start to learn to write their name.

Autumn term 2:

Spring term 1:

Spring term 2:

Summer term 1:

Summer term 2: