Oak Class

Welcome to our Oak Class page. This is where we share our news and topics for this school year.

Autumn term:


Our reading lessons this term will be based on stories and poems related to different types of transport and journeys. We will be using our phonics skills to decode new words and we will be learning to make predictions and answer questions about the texts. In phonics we will begin to learn some alternative ways to spell sounds and some new tricky words.


Our writing this term will be based on the book ‘Naughty Bus’ and we will be focusing on writing our own stories following a simple story structure. We will be working hard on writing and punctuating sentences and understanding that sentences include different types of words, such as nouns and verbs.


In maths we will be working on place value, sorting and counting on and back from given numbers. We will be learning how to represent numbers in different ways and comparing numbers using the vocabulary ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’. Later on in the term we will move on to addition and subtraction and some work on 2D and 3D shapes.