Oak Class

Welcome to our Oak Class page. This is where we share our news and topics for this school year.

Summer 2021:


In our reading lessons this term we are looking at lots of stories and non-fiction texts linked to our topic, Food Glorious Food.  We are working on developing our fluency when reading and using some expression. We are also learning to make predictions about what might happen in a story and to answer some questions by finding the answers in the text.


Our writing for this term is based on the traditional tale, The Enormous Turnip.  We are focussing on how to create an interesting and exciting plot with a clear beginning, middle and end.  We are also developing our sentences by using conjunctions such as ‘and’ and ‘but’. 


Our maths work this term includes counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and halving and doubling numbers.  We learning about making equal groups and creating arrays as an introduction to multiplication.  We will also begin sharing into equal groups as an introduction to division.