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Federation Day

Last Thursday we celebrated 'Federation Day' with our partner Yardley Hastings Primary school. We wanted to ensure the children had the opportunity to celebrate our new collaboration which began on September 1st. We had a wonderful day in which children from each school worked together on a variety of activities designed to promote teambuilding and social skills. By the end of the day, each child had visited Yardley and all Yardley children had visited us. The prospect of getting on a bus to do this was of great excitement, particularly for our younger children! During the morning we had an assembly for all children from both schools in which we explored the meaning of federation and collaboration and looked at famous collaborations from history and the present day. Do you know what these collaborations are famous for?

* Wright brothers

* Watson and Crick

* Lennon and McCartney

* Page and Brin

* Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield

Last Thursday was just the beginning of our federation journey. As you are aware, we already work together very closely, particularly as a teaching team, and have already have joint residentials, trips and, of course, the fantastic orchestra. We now intend to build on this and have many collaborative opportunities planned. We do, of course, need a federation name and an emblem and have asked the children to think of ideas. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions!

We also want to give you, as parents and carers, the opportunity to visit each school so please look out of the 'Coffee and Catch up Sessions' at each school. The next one will be at Yardley Hastings on Thursday 20th September at 9.00am. I look forward to seeing you!


Welcome to the new school year!

Welcome back to school and to our first term as part of the Federation of Denton and Yardley Hastings Primary Schools. I hope you had a wonderful summer break; the children have all settled in really well and look very ready to start the new term with lots of enthusiasm and energy! A very warm welcome to our new staff, parents and children who we hope will be very happy with us.

We have a very exciting curriculum planned this year with lots of new initiatives and themed days and weeks. Our first event will be ‘Federation Day’ next Thursday 13th September when the children will have the opportunity to visit each school to celebrate our collaboration. A more detailed letter about this will follow. This term, we will also be celebrating Modern Foreign Languages day where the children will have the opportunity to experience a variety of different languages and related activities; thank you to those linguists who have offered to help already! On Wednesday 3rd of October we will also be participating in ‘No Pens Wednesday’ following its popularity last year.