Modern Foreign Languages Day

We have had another very busy couple of weeks and are thoroughly enjoying the ‘Wow’ days activities and days that we have incorporated into our curriculum.

Modern Foreign Languages Day was a huge success. The engagement of the children was wonderful. All the groups were of mixed age and ability and it was lovely to see older children looking after younger ones and children of different abilities supporting each other learning about new languages and cultures.

I was hugely impressed by the wide variety of activities that had been planned by a very imaginative teaching team and coordinated across both schools by our Languages Coordinator, Lorna Burrow.

Huge thanks to all the parents who came in to share their language skills. Walking round the school in the afternoon was an absolute delight with so many parents leading such interesting sessions. There were children learning Spanish, playing a game in Italian, learning to sign, listening to a story in Swedish and learning to write their name in Arabic. Amazing!

It was a truly memorable day that we shall definitely repeat.