SMART Values

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at the school vision, intent and values. We are planning to share the vision statement and intent with you all very shortly but, in the meantime, thought you would like to know about our new SMART values. These have been shared with all the children in assembly and are now being celebrated in our weekly ‘achievers’ assembly. SMART stands for the following:

* Self-confident

* Motivated

* Aspirational

* Resilient

* Team player

As a teaching team, we believe all of the above to be key attributes in contributing to success at school academically, socially and emotionally. Each week, ahead of our Wednesday assembly, we will focus on one of the values and the class teachers will choose one child from each year group who has demonstrated that value in the week. We will share this with all the children and each child will receive a SMART badge and be photographed for our new SMART display in the hall.

Look out for those badges and further updates about how we are going to reinforce our values though the curriculum and other activities!