Casey arrives

A lovely caterpillar has arrived in school! His name is Casey and the purpose of his visit will be fully revealed to all the children on Wednesday and to parents at our workshops on that evening (Yardley 7pm) or (Tuesday (Denton 4pm). Do not forget we are offering crèche facilities for those if you who may be having issues with childcare.

The term is flying by and the children are as busy as evert. Maple Class are thoroughly enjoying their dinosaur topic and were all seen hunting for fossils and dinosaur bones last week. As part of World Religions week, they also visited our local church.

Oak and Willow Classes are looking at our locality and have been walking round the village observing the buildings and features of where the school is situated. They have even been learning about multiplication through a ‘village arrays’! They too have visit the church.

Beech Class are teaching all about or brilliant bodies and have been dazzling me with their knowledge of different types of skeletons and the names of bones as well as learning to draw the human body and making incredible progress doing so.

Rowan and Sycamore Classes have a fascinating topic about space as well as having fantastic time participating in the Young Voices concert in Birmingham last week. I was lucky enough to attend with them along with staff and children from Yardley. What a night! The children sang brilliantly and were a credit to both schools. Staff too joined in with the singing and dancing much to the amusement of many of the children who were far better at it than I was!

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Tuesday and Wednesday!