Update- 23rd March

Firstly, I hope you and your families are all well. It seems a little while since I have sent you an email update but thought I would write to you all to see how you are getting on and settling into this new, strange routine.

I have been hugely impressed with the amount of work that the children have been doing and I know the teachers are very impressed too! Thank you for all the messages of support and feedback you have sent.

We have received some amazing photographs of what you have been up to which we would like to share. If you are happy for this to happen, please can you email them to me and I will get them added to the website.

These are anxious times for children and parents alike and if you feel it would be beneficial to slow down the working, or take a break, then please do so! We are setting enough to ensure that you do not run out; please do not feel pressured to always complete everything. I know many of you are working from home and trying to juggle this with home schooling is difficult. ‘Little and often’ is fine! Please also remember that 15 minutes quality ‘one to one’ working is probably as productive as a lot longer than that in a large class of children. The boundaries of an hour’s writing and an hour’s maths in the school timetable do not necessarily apply to home schooling.

As an Early Years practitioner, I also firmly believe that there is a huge amount of opportunity to learn through play, even if you are much older than the foundation stage! And with the weather being this good, the benefits of playing in the garden are enormous! Take advantage of this time at home to do the things that get squeezed out of our curriculum sometimes: cooking, baking, crafts, art, den building, bug hunting….the list goes on!

I have been sent many documents from companies /organisations offering support with home schooling. One of them is actually from MindMap who you will recall are working with us on our emotional literacy programme. Their letter was actually sent for all teachers and staff but I think it may be of use to you too. I am not necessarily suggesting you all make Caseys (although you may like too…) but referring back to the work we had already done in school may be useful.

Tomorrow, I will be writing to the children directly so if you could print off or share the attachment I sent out, I would be very grateful. We are all missing the children hugely!