Update- 3rd April

I hope you and your families are safe and well.

We are now two weeks into our school closure and it is still taking some adjusting too. This week, as with last week, I am hugely impressed by the amount of work and learning that is going on at home. I do realise how difficult this can be, especially if you are trying to work from home to.

Over the course of what would have been our Easter break, the teachers will be adding less ‘academic’ work to the Google classrooms but will uploading some fun Easter activities; there is no pressure to complete these, just a few ideas if you need them. They will also be suggesting other things you can be carrying on with over the holidays, such as times tables and reading, obviously we will leave how much and how often you do these up to you! 

An aspect of teaching which we have not addressed since the closure is online safety. This is a bit tricky in many ways as we are asking the children to access so much of their learning online. There is still a place, however, for learning about e-safety; with increased exposure, now is probably as good a time as ever to reinforce the importance of staying safe online. To this end, all teachers will be adding some suggestions and resources to the Google Classrooms for you to have a look at over the Easter break.

I have written to the children again this week and sent a certificate this week instead of a SMART star. I would be very grateful if you could personalise it and show both to the children.

It does seem strange that this is the start of the Easter break; the change to routine for us all will not be as marked as usual! I do hope you do get to enjoy Easter though and although trips out will not be feasible, at least get the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine in the garden!