10th June Update

We recently saw another development in the response to COVID 19 following the announcement that the government was not expecting further year groups to return to school prior to September. Whilst this is not a surprise, it is nonetheless very disappointing and I would imagine many of you are feeling frustrated that your child will still not be able to return to school.
There have been indications that schools may have some flexibility in opening to further groups if they have the capacity to do so. There are no plans to increase the current maximum class size (15) or relax social distancing rules. On this basis, to have everyone back in school, we would need 8 classrooms and 8 teachers! There have also been indications that a system of rotating year groups is not advisable due to potential cross contamination of premises and staff.
We are, however, looking at various scenarios for potentially opening the school to more children if we are allowed to do so. These include having an additional year group back full time, offering mixed ages classes or having all year groups back in for one week before term end.
All of these scenarios are very much dependent on the potential uptake of these options. We will be sending out a survey for you to share your thoughts. This survey also contains questions about home learning. As indicated in my last email, even if we are able to accommodate more children, remote learning will still be the only option for some. From the feedback received, we have already looked to make improvements, starting with individualised teacher and pupil Zoom sessions to discuss learning and provide support, along with trialing teaching small groups via Zoom.