Our Global Curriculum

The children have all settled back in to school brilliantly and it really does feel like our community is beginning to return to normal. Our routines and structures are certainly not what they were during pre-COVID times but we are getting there! We are very much looking forward to future ‘wider’ events such as trips, residentials and hopefully even a school fete! We are also hoping to begin some ‘bubble specific’ clubs and to reopen the library to a class a week.

Our catch up plans are now well under way and we are very grateful for your support with this. You will now have been contacted if your child needs any aspects of catch up. Please rest assured that we are keeping an eye on the academic and emotional progress of all children. We will contact you if your child needs any additional support or interventions over the next few weeks. You will all have had opportunities to discuss any concerns at recent Parents’ Evenings but if anything does arise, please let us know.Please could I also remind you about the start times for our different classes. These are as follows:
  • Sycamore and Rowan : 8.30am
  • Beech: 8.40am
  • Willow and Oak: 8.50am
  • Maple: 9.00am
There are a number of children arriving a little late, particularly for our earlier 8.30 and 8.40 starts. I do know that most of these times are earlier than previously and the recent road works have not helped. However, for all children, our learning starts straight away. Registration occurs as the children complete their first task of the day; just 5 minutes missed can make a difference! This also applies to catch up sessions happening at the beginning of the day.The start to our term has seen a re-launch of our Global Curriculum and the children are very enthusiastic about it. You may recall at the very beginning of our curriculum journey, we talked about widening children’s perspectives and equipping them with skills for lifelong learning and occupations in an interconnected world. In many of my recent assemblies, we have looked at the meaning of the word ‘global’ and how this may look in school. The children have been amazing in their responses about equality, taking responsibility for their actions, looking after our environment etc. Many aspects of this are linked to the children’s current topic learning but we would also like to encourage the children to adopt positive global attitudes in wider school life.We have been thinking long and hard about what makes a good global citizen and, more importantly, what this looks like from a child’s point of view. To complement our existing SMART values (self-confident, aspirational, motivated, resilient, team player) we have, as a school, agreed the values we would like to instil in our children in a global context. These are to:
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Respect and value diversity
  • Recognise that they can make a contribution to the wider community at a range of levels.
  • Be aware of the wider world and how it works
  • Understand equality and fairness.
We have designed a badge to recognise any child’s contribution to these. I have shared this with the children in my assembly this week. We will look to award these at termly special assemblies but are also encouraging the children to write to myself (in an age appropriate way) to persuade me that they deserve a global badge and why! I have already had two letters from a Year 2 and a Year 6 child today!It has been so lovely to write to you all about issues other than COVID! As usual, please come back to me if you have any questions or concerns.