Maple Class

Welcome to our Maple Class page! Here we will share the adventures of our Nursery and Reception children.

 Autumn term 1:


In Maths, we will be learning to recognise and describe repeating patterns and to build our own. We will then be learning about numbers to 5. We will learn to order and recognise numerals and count using 1:1 correspondence. We will start to make amounts in different ways and recall one more and one less facts.


We will be focusing on ‘The Jolly Postman and Other People’s Letters’. We will learn to retell the story, extend our vocabulary and start to identify the different parts.  Everyday, we will vote for the story we want to hear at the end of the day.  We will also take part in group guided reading sessions. In phonics, we will be learning to recognise different sounds, and blend them together to read CVC words, captions and sentences.


In phonics, we will be learning to spell different words using the sounds we have learnt and we will practice writing words, captions or sentences to match a picture. We will also focus on forming letters correctly. We will complete a daily writing challenge and apply our writing skills in literacy and other areas of the classroom.