Rowan Class

Welcome to our Rowan Class page. This is where we will share our news and topics for the school year.

Autumn 2019:


In Whole Class Reading lessons we will be exploring new vocabulary in a variety of texts including non-fiction, narrative and poetry. We will be using the Reading Vipers to interrogate the texts further.

In our topic lessons we will be reading Norse Myths.


In our English lessons, this term, we will be focusing on writing stories. Our skills focuses will include: creating a setting, including a character description, dialogue adding and developing atmosphere.

In our topic lessons we will be writing poetry in the form of a ‘Kenning’ and a story or diary entry based on living in Anglo Saxon times.


In Maths lessons we will be focusing on place value, rounding, and using negative numbers in context. We will then move onto revising mental and written strategies for the four operations.

In our topic lessons we will be converting measurements to find distances travelled by the Vikings, investigating negative numbers by researching the temperatures of countries around the World, looking at symmetry and using protractors to create Anglo Saxon brooch designs.

Spring 2020:


In Reading we will be exploring new vocabulary, inferring, predicting, summarising, retrieving information and looking at an author’s use of figurative language in a variety of texts including ‘The Curse of Cogston House’ (where we will look at ways to create atmosphere).

In our topic lessons, we will be reading ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce and investigating non-fiction texts to find out information about Space. We will also be looking at non-fiction texts in French!


In our English lessons this term we will be focusing on writing Science Fiction stories, looking at character, atmosphere, setting and dialogue. We will be basing our writing on a short video called ‘Pandora'.

In our topic lessons we will be revisiting persuasive writing and looking at writing explanations.


In Maths we will be focusing on position and direction, multiplication and division written methods and fractions, decimals and percentages.

In our topic work we will be making links to other strands of maths including temperature, time and measurement.