Willow Class

Welcome to our Willow Class page. This is where we will share our news and topics for this year!

Summer 2021:


Our reading lessons this term will be based on stories, non-fiction texts and poems related to our topic, ‘Food, glorious food!’. We will be using our phonics skills to decode new words and we will also talk about the meanings of these words in context. We will continue to work on our VIPERS but will focus in on prediction and sequencing. In phonics we will continue to learn about different suffixes and their meanings.


Our writing this term will be based on the book ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We will be focusing on writing our own stories following a simple story structure of the beginning, middle and end. We will be thinking about extending our sentences by using a range of conjunctions and we will be ensuring that all of our sentences are correctly punctuated.


In our maths lessons this term we will be working on fractions, position and direction and telling the time. Within the fractions unit we will focus on find halves, quarters and thirds of number, learning about unit and non-unit fractions, finding some equivalent fractions and finally counting in fractions. For our unit on position and direction we will use directional language, including talking about making different turns. During our unit on time we will learn to tell the time to the nearest five minutes and start to think about comparing durations of time.