Willow Class

Welcome to our Willow Class page. This is where we will share our news and topics for this year!

Autumn 2019:

Information regarding our Wonderful Women topic can be downloaded from our Letters Home section to the right of the page.




In reading we will listen to and discuss our views and opinions on non-fiction texts beyond a level at which we can read independently. We will also discuss and clarify the meaning of words, linking new meanings to known vocabulary.

In our topic lessons we will be looking at ‘Great Women Who Changed the World’ by Kate Pankhurst.


In our English lessons we will be considering what they are going to write before beginning by planning, saying out loud, writing down key ideas and including a range of new vocabulary.

In out topic lessons we will be developing our positive attitudes and stamina for writing by writing narratives about experiences of others.


 In maths we will be developing our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction and building on our knowledge and understanding of multiplication.

In our topic lessons we will be solving problems with addition and subtraction applying our increasing knowledge of using concrete objects and pictorial representations as well as mental and written methods.


Spring term:



Sentence explaining curriculum


In English we will be looking at the Katie Morag stories, as we feel that it lends itself well to looking at different localities and maps. We will be looking at similes, alliteration and a range of punctuation such as apostrophes for contractions and to show possession.


In maths we will be working on recognising, making and adding equal groups, using arrays and developing a deeper understanding of the 2, 5 and 10 timetables.


In our reading sessions we will be improving our key reading skills through drawing upon knowledge of vocabulary in order to understand the text, make inferences from the text, predict what we think will happen, explain our preferences, thoughts and opinions about the text, retrieve key information from a text and sequence the key events in the story.