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Welcome to our Beech Class

This is where we will be sharing our news and topics for this year .

Autumn 2021:



In our reading lessons this term we will be focusing on vocabulary, prediction and explaining. As much as possible, we will be reading stories and non-fiction texts linked to our topic ‘The Roaming Romans’. The children will learn new vocabulary and be encouraged to use it in their writing, we will make predictions about what might happen next in the stories that we are reading and learn how to justify our answers by referring to the text and we will work on explaining what is happening in the texts that we are reading.


In our English lessons this term we will be focusing on fiction texts. Our model text for our Talk For Writing unit is based on the book ‘Into the forest’ by Anthony Browne. We will learn this text off by heart and then use this as a basis for writing our own stories set in a desert, the ocean and a mountain range.

Later in the term, we will look at some poetry and have a go at writing our own.


In our maths lessons this term we will start by focusing on place value and then move onto learning addition and subtraction methods. Later in the term, we will look at multiplication and division.

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