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Welcome to our Willow Class

 This is where we will share our news and topics for this year!

Autumn 2022:


Year Gp



Year 1

This term in maths we will be consolidating and extending our understanding of place value. The children will be counting forwards and backwards within 20 and finding one more and one less. We will be learning to read, write and represent numbers to 20 and we will begin to partition 2-digit numbers into tens and ones. We will be learning to use the vocabulary of greater than, less than and equal to in order to compare groups of objects and amounts. We will also be working on ordering objects and numbers and learning ordinal numbers.


Year 2

This term we will be extending our understanding of place value and applying this to numbers up to 100. We will be learning to represent numbers up to 100 and we will be partitioning 2-digit numbers using a part-whole model. We will begin to use a place value chart to add and subtract using 2-digit numbers. We will also be ordering and comparing objects and numbers. We will practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and learn to count in 3s.



This term in English we are working on story writing, focussing on developing a plot with a beginning, middle and end. Year 1 will consolidate the use of full stops and capital letters and will begin to extend their sentences using the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘but’. Year 2 will be learning to use a wider range of conjunctions and also use question marks, commas and exclamation marks. We will be working on developing a wide vocabulary and using this is our writing. The children will be given the opportunity to plan their ideas before writing, edit their work and read it aloud.



This term we will be reading a range of quality fiction and non-fiction books related to our topic – Tremendous Transport. The children will be given the opportunity to hear fluent reading being modelled, work on their decoding skills and discuss the texts we have read. We will be using our prediction and inference skills to develop our comprehension. Again, we will be working on learning lots of new vocabulary and ensuring that we understand the words that we read.



In phonics lessons, Year 1 will be learning all the alternative ways of spelling various sounds, eg. The ‘ai’ (rain) sound can also be made by ay (play), a-e (game) and also by a single a (acorn). They will also be learning to spell more tricky words. Year 2 will be learning to spell words with some new word endings following a set of rules, eg doubling the final consonant before adding the suffix. They will also be learning about silent letters, such as ‘k’ in know and ‘g’ in gnome.











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