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Welcome to our Maple Class page!

 Here we will share the adventures of our Nursery and Reception children.

 Autumn term 1:


Reception will be learning to recognise, describe, continue and create repeating patterns. They will then learn about the numbers to 5. They will practice counting using 1:1 correspondence and will match numerals to the correct amount. They will start to recall one more and one less facts and explore the composition of numbers. They will practice writing numbers, showing finger numbers and subitising. Linked to our topic, they will explore 2D shapes by building houses and will use the language of capacity to create drinks for the tiger.

Nursery children will start their maths learning by identifying different colours in the environment. They will then focus on matching objects based on different attributes e.g. finding buttons that are round and red, matching lego towers. This will include work on patterns and shapes. They will use the vocabulary of same, matching and different. They will then learn to sort objects based on size and use the correct vocabulary.

There will be many opportunities for both Nursery and Reception to sing counting songs. 


Reception and Nursery will be learning to retell the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’. They will learn to make predictions and they will start to identify the beginning, middle and end of stories. There will be discussions about how the characters are feeling and what they might say. They will also extend their vocabulary by using adjectives to describe.  

Reception will have phonics lessons daily using the Jolly Phonics programme. They will learn to recognise different sounds and blend them together to read words and captions. They will also take part in guided reading sessions twice a week and everyday they will vote for the book they want the class to read before home time.        

Nursery will take part in ‘Talking Time’ daily. They will learn what good listening looks like and they will start to recognise different environmental sounds. They will listen to stories and nursery rhymes and start to recognise their name.                                                                                                                                           


Reception will learn to write words and short captions. They will learn to form each letter correctly. They will complete a daily writing challenge and there will be other opportunities for writing in the classroom and in literacy lessons. Nursery will be encouraged to mark make and give meaning to the marks they make.

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