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 Here we will share the adventures of our Nursery and Reception children.

 Autumn term 1:


In Maths, Reception will be learning to recognise, describe and create repeating patterns. They will then learn about numbers to 5, which will include recognising and ordering the numerals and writing them. They will practice counting using 1:1 correspondence and will start to explore addition by making amounts to 5 in different ways with a focus on using the correct vocabulary. The children will also learn about 1 more and one less. They will also complete a daily independent maths challenge.

Nursery will learn to sing different nursery rhymes which involve numbers and will start to count in everyday contexts. They will also focus on comparing numbers using vocabulary such as ‘same’, ‘more’ and ‘lots’.

All children will explore time, weight and direction and position which will be linked to our topic.


The whole class will be focusing on ‘The Jolly Postman and Other People’s Letters’ and they will learn to retell the story. Reception will focus on extending their vocabulary using adjectives to describe and recognising the different parts of a story. Every day, Reception will vote for the story they want to hear at the end of the day.  They will also take part in group guided reading sessions. In phonics, they will be learning to recognise different sounds, and blend them together to read CVC words, captions and sentences.

Nursery children will be learning to recognise their name. They will spend time listening to stories and talking about them and they will also star to focus on understanding the five principles of reading, such as turning the pages and following from left to right.


Reception will be following Jolly Phonics programme and will learn a new sound daily. They will practice forming the different sounds correctly and will be encouraged to sit and hold their pencil correctly. They will learn to identify the initial sound in words and write the corresponding sound before learning to write words, captions and sentences to match a pictures. They will complete a daily independent writing challenge. They will also consolidate their name writing.

Nursery will be encouraged to mark make and give meaning to the marks they make.

Autumn term 2:


Linked to our topic, all children will be exploring shape, size, weight and capacity. Reception will learn to measure different objects using non-standard units of measure.

Reception will then learn about numbers to 10, which will include counting, ordering, recognition and formation. They will also learn to recall one more and one less facts and there will be opportunities to explore addition and subtraction by making numbers in different ways.

Nursery will learn to sing counting songs, recite numbers in order and show finger numbers to 5. They will explore numbers to 5 and will have a focus on accurate counting. They will be encouraged to use numbers in their play.


We will start the term, by exploring poetry linked to fireworks and Bonfire Night.

All children will help to storymap ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and will learn to retell it. Reception and Nursery children (where appropriate) will complete a range of literacy based activities. They will identify the beginning, middle and end. They will learn to use inference to make predictions, recognise the character’s feelings and think about what the character’s might say.

Reception will continue will daily phonics sessions, following the Jolly Phonics progression. They will learn new sounds, including digraphs, and will continue practicing reading words, captions and sentences. Reading skills will be practiced in individual and guided reading sessions.

Nursery will have opportunities to explore the library and handle books to practice book skills. They will listen to stories and discuss them during their phonics sessions.


Reception will have plenty of opportunities to practice their writing across the curriculum. In phonics, they will practice letter formation and writing words, captions and sentences. This term, we will have a focus on finger spaces. They will be expected to complete their daily writing challenge and write labels for their models and artwork.

Nursery will have many opportunities to mark make and they will be encouraged to give meanings to these marks. They will also practice their gross and fine motor skills.

All children will complete the ‘Tricky Table’ daily to practice their fine motor skills and build up their strength for writing.

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