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The School Day

Our school times are:

Morning session:  08.55 - 12:00.

Afternoon Session:  13:00 - 15:30.

This totals 32 hours and 55 minutes in a typical week.

Children should not be on the school premises more than fifteen minutes before the start of the school day unless they are attending Breakfast Club.

There is a twenty minute morning break. In the Foundation and Key Stage 1 classes children are provided with a piece of fruit each day as a snack. This is part of the National Fruit Scheme to encourage healthy eating. In Key Stage 2, children are encouraged to bring fruit as a snack.  Crisps and sweets are not allowed. Children under the age of 5 are entitled to free semi-skimmed milk and if your child is aged 5 or over, you may order milk for them from Cool Milk.