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Clubs and Sports

Sport Report- 2023-2023

Once again, we have had a fantastic year of sport at Denton, with so many children representing the school and attending after school clubs.

Sports that have been represented are Football, Netball, Athletics, Cross Country, Hockey, Boccia, Rounders, Dodgeball and Golf.  We have also had a fantastic group of Year 6 Young Leaders who have put on activities every lunch time for the rest of the school - well done!

We have seen many successes throughout the year, which include, Year 3 and 4 Football, Year 3 and 4 Hockey, with Year 5 and 6 coming runners up in their respective competitions.  We also saw success in the Year 5 and 6 Netball.   At the beginning of the year, we took a team to the District Boccia competition.  They put in a fantastic performance, learning more about the game as the competition went on.  They finished level on points with Bozeat, but a stunning 12-0 victory earlier in the competition saw them crowned as District champions.  The team then went on to represent the District at the County finals where they finished 5th, which was an excellent result.

The element I have been most pleased with is the way that the children have conducted themselves, whether they have won or lost.  They have shown respect to other competitors and the Young Leaders running the events, and I have received many positive comments from other schools whilst they have been representing Denton.  Well Done!

Finally, we would not be able to offer such a variety of events without the support of so many people.  Many of these events are run by Mr Roberts from Wollaston and his Young Leaders, so a big thank you to them and a big thank you also to parents for ensuring your children are able to take part in these events.  Lastly, a big than you and well done to all the children.  We have seen so many different children take part in sport, whether it's school clubs or competitions, and this is by far the most successful year in that respect.  We look forward to a full timetable of sport from September.


-Mrs Garlick